Speaking Simulator Shoots the Breeze on Nintendo Switch Later This Month

Is there anything that can’t be simulated and made into a game? Possibly not, as Speaking Simulator shows just how far a developer can go when an idea gets stuck in their head.

Affable Games is bringing its barmy Speaking Simulator to Nintendo Switch later this month – January 30th, to be exact, and to celebrate the game’s upcoming release, the developer has let rip a brand new trailer for the game. It’s very silly and it perfectly explains and shows what Speaking Simulator is all about.

The simple gist of it is that you’re an android trying to live among humanity. Your goal is to enslave them, make them clean your android toilet, make them do things to your toes, and all other nasty stuff. But first… You must convince people that you’re an actual human, and you do this by speaking the language of humans. You’ll have to carefully manipulate the android’s lips and tongue to pass as a human. It sounds ridiculous and it quite frankly is, but it looks silly enough that it might just work. I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt until I’ve twisted an android tongue myself.

It should be the perfect game for me; I struggle on a daily basis to make people believe I’m human. Maybe this game is a little too close to home…

Speaking Simulator will be available on Nintendo Switch via the eShop on January 30th.

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