Zombie Runner Game Corridor Z Coming to Switch This Week

Polish studio, Mass Creation, has announced that Corridor Z, a zombie-themed runner game, is coming to Switch.

This is the first installment that the company is going to publish on the Nintendo platform, but not their first game for a handheld console – the studio has already worked on other titles for PS Vita in the past.

We love handhelds and we’re good at making games for this type of console. That is why we could not miss the opportunity to publish a game for Switch. It took us a longer moment, as we are a small team, but now we have our pipeline and in the future we would like to bring more games to Nintendo console” – said Grzegorz Kurek, Game Director at Mass Creation.

Corridor Z is an action packed runner game with multiple objectives, four different characters and a story behind the Zombie plague to discover. Intense gameplay mixed with an upgradable arsenal will help players to complete their objectives as their characters run from zombies through high school corridors. Hit the highest score and compare your achievements with other players on online leaderboards – see who is the ultimate zombie apocalypse survivor.

The game will be available on Nintendo e-shop from 20.02.2020 , priced at 7,99Euro/7,99$/7£

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