Why You Might Not Be Getting The Best From Your Switch

Nintendo Switch

When the Nintendo Switch broke onto the scene in 2017, it was a certified hit. The Switch boasted the opportunity for play anywhere, meaning you could bring the power of a home console around in your bag on your travels. For myself, however, after a little bit of research, the allure for the Switch was the lack of region locking. The Switch was the first console from Nintendo to be region-free, meaning you could play games from different regions on the console.

What does this mean? It means that region-exclusive releases are no longer out-of-bounds as you can have the game imported and ready to play. This comes to the rescue for physical collectors too, as games such as the Resident Evil: Origins Collection is unavailable physically in Europe and the Devil May Cry Triple Pack is exclusive to Japan.

Although region-free isn’t news, the sheer amount of people who do not realize that they are missing entire segments of a market is mental, and if you didn’t know that Switch was region free then I heavily implore you to give some region exclusives a look.

The next issue comes with how to get your desired games, and whilst eBay and Amazon are great for securing games usually, your best bet to avoid unforeseen customs charges would be to use somewhere like Play Asia where you can get duty-paid shipping.

Whether you’re a collector or someone looking for their next gaming fix, the region-free aspect of the Switch opens up fresh avenues for your experience.

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