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Review: Danger Scavenger – Nintendo Switch

Twin-stick stinker

Danger Scavenger is a fairly straightforward twin-stick shooter that definitely has the potential to be fun, but that potential has been squandered, at least on Nintendo Switch.

The game plays out across a selection of randomly chosen levels. You choose your hero, start a game, and you’re dumped on a random rooftop level with a ton of robot enemies to kill, stuff to destroy, powerups to pick up, and scrap to collect. Scrap is currency and you can use it to buy new stuff, not that you’ll stick around long enough to want to buy anything of use.

First of all, the game looks awful on Nintendo Switch. The resolution is well below HD and it really does look like Vaseline has been smeared all over my television. It’s not pretty, then, even if the comic-book colourful art style says otherwise.

Secondly, the game runs like crap. At first, I thought it was the game’s screen-shake that was putting me off – and it was a distraction, sure – but I turned this off and lo and behold, the game was still a janky, jump wreck. This is not acceptable in a twin-stick shooter that demands precision and timing to make progress. Whenever there are more than a few enemies and their futuristic projectiles on the screen, the framerate tanks, and considering that 95% of the game is you getting shot at by robots and their plasma balls of death, this doesn’t make for a smooth gameplay experience. Instead, it’s jarring, unresponsive and downright annoying, so much so that I was killed more than a few times because the game didn’t register my input quick enough because it was chugging along at a snail’s pace. It’s not much better in handheld mode, either, unfortunately.

But I smashed on and tried to find some joy. I didn’t find it. I did find a couple of boss levels and these served to show just how bad the game performs on Nintendo’s dainty Switch.

I was disappointed, to be honest, because I do love a good twin-stick shooter. They’re typically easy to pick up and play and fill the gaps between my bigger gaming sessions. Danger Scavenger isn’t one of those. I managed to play about an hour before I couldn’t do it any more.

During that time I unlocked a few characters, weapons, and upgrades, but none of them could make up for the poor experience the game is held back by.

I like the idea of the game and its underlying systems, even if they’re not the most original, but I just can’t recommend the game in its current form. It’s basically unplayable and unless the game gets some serious performance improvements via future updates, it will always be one to avoid. Hopefully, the developers can put things right in the future, and if they do, I’ll definitely come back for another shot, but as it stands, go and play this on Steam if you really want a cyberpunk roguelike twin-stick shooter.

Danger Scavenger Switch Review
  • 3/10
    Overall - Really Bad - 3/10


Danger Scavenger is a let down on all fronts, but its main problem is how the game runs on Nintendo Switch – it’s awful and the exact opposite of what a decent twin-stick shooter should be all about.


  • Nice selection of unlockable characters, guns, and upgrades


  • Performance is atrocious
  • Concept is nothing new
  • Controls are janky

Review Disclaimer: This review was carried out using a copy of the game provided by the publisher. For more information, please read our Review Policy. 

Primary version tested: Nintendo Switch. Reviewed using: Nintendo Switch.

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